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Online tuition for primary-age children from qualified online tutors - giving your child the confidence to achieve their potential.

At My Primary Tutor, we encounter children all the time who, for one reason or another, are not reaching their potential. They may be finding learning difficult or need to be challenged and we know as parents how frustrating and anxious this can make you feel!  My Primary Tutor is here to help!

Don’t let your child be held back due to a lack of confidence - book an online tutoring assessment with the qualified teachers at My Primary Tutor today and watch them fly!


Online tutoring sessions from
expert primary tutors from the comfort of your own home.

Book an online assessment

Contact us to book a comprehensive online tutoring, assessment today. My Primary Tutor offer assessments in reading, spelling and maths, in order to make sure that you know what level your primary aged child is working at and how we can help them move forward.

Arrange a regular online session

With our help, decide which kind of online tutoring session your child will benefit from most: online group session, online one to one session, or a mixture of both. Book in a regular, online tutoring session at a time and date that works best for you and your family.  The best thing about being online is that wherever you are, we are the tutor near you!


Relax, safe in the knowledge that your child is receiving personalised online tuition where they most need it from a friendly, caring, qualified teacher who will communicate with you regularly about your child's progress.

Old Globe

My Primary Tutor online sessions make it possible to access our expert tutors  near you!  From our base in Scotland, we are able to hire the best primary tutors from around the globe.  All our primary tutors have taught the Scottish or English curriculums, understand what level your child should be working towards and can help them to meet these standards. 

Online Learning

Tutors near you

My Primary Tutor tailor support to meet your child's needs.

Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

Whether you are living in Scotland, or living abroad and want to prepare your child for returning to the Scottish Education System, My Primary Tutor can help you. My Primary Tutor can support children working within the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).Our sessions are designed to meet the experiences and outcomes of 1st and 2nd level so your child can develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful learners.  My Primary Tutor sessions are led by our ethos to create confidence in learning and to help your child to become a confident individual at home and in school. 

Boys at School

child-led sessions

My Primary Tutor online tutoring sessions are planned around your child's needs.  Our initial assessments help to identify which areas need support to ensure they make progress in their learning.  My Primary Tutor recognise that you know your child best and we seek to listen to your concerns and understand how your child learns best.  We know that ever pupil is an individual and we want to show our support for the Scottish Governments pledge to 'Get it Right for Every Child.'

supporting families

My Primary Tutor understand that parents play a crucial role in supporting their children's learning, and that higher levels of parental engagement are consistently associated with better academic outcomes.  That is why we help guide the learning at home with weekly communication and follow-up tasks so parents know how to support their child in the best way possible.  We are connected with other agencies and can offer you advice on what other support may be available for your child in school. 

celebrating achievement

My Primary Tutor passionately believe in boosting children's confidence and self esteem.  We celebrate pupil success with positive praise points during each session.  We encourage children to share how the learning in their sessions has helped them in school and love to show pupils how proud we are of the progress they are making with our 'Superstars of the Month.'  We share our stars in our monthly newsletter and on our social media channels. 

striving to improve

My Primary Tutor understand the need for quality assurance and self evaluation.  We carry out regular observations  of tutor sessions and seek feedback from our parents and pupils.  This feedback helps to shape how we move forward with the aim to improve our service and the outcomes for the children we support.

Learning Alphabets

English National Curriculum

Whether you child is attending a primary school in England, or you are living overseas and want to prepare your child for returning to the English Education System, My Primary Tutor are here to help. My Primary Tutor can support children working within the National Curriculum (NC).  Our sessions are designed to meet the aims and attainment targets outlined in the NC programmes of study.  My Primary Tutor sessions support the National Curriculum Framework for pupil's learning at key stage 1 and key stage 2. Our sessions help support pupils as they move from reception to Year 6, ensuring they feel confident in their learning when the time comes to sit their SAT's.  

individualised programmes

My Primary Tutor programmes of work are designed with your child in mind.  We support child's learning in a range of subjects including English, maths, science, Spanish, art and emotional learning. My Primary Tutor online learning sessions will build your child's confidence while supporting them to learn and develop their knowledge and skills. 

working in partnership

My Primary Tutor understand that working together is important and helps to achieve the best results for children.   We work with families, schools and other partners to ensure a cohesive approach to learning.  My Primary Tutor are here to listen to your concerns and help alleviate your worries while planning the best way forward for your child. 


SAT's can be a very worrying time for children and My Primary Tutor are here to help take those worries away.  We can support children in learning what they need to know so they feel confident and ready to sit their SAT's.  Our experienced online tutors will identify what your child needs to learn and will guide them through the learning so they can succeed. 

preparing for transition

Transition from primary to secondary is really important and it can be a big change for your child.  My Primary Tutor aim to help smooth this transition by ensuring your child is ready to take on the new challenges that secondary school brings.  With our sister company, My Secondary Tutor, we can continue to support your child and help them feel confident and ready for secondary. 

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