Meet The Team

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Director and Tutor


I've been teaching for over 16 years and tutoring for nearly 6 years.  I love seeing pupils confidence grow as they work with us. I believe in the power of 'growth mindset' and strive to help each and every pupil develop a positive attitude and give 100% effort each week!


Associate Tutor


Amy has been teaching for over 6 years and has worked with pupils with a range of needs including dyslexia, autism and dyscalculia. She loves supporting pupils to feel more confident in their learning.


Associate Tutor


Chelsea has been teaching for over 6 years across Scotland.  She has worked with pupils across P1-7and has experience working in an Autism Base for P1-3's. She believes in the importance of making connections in learning clear for pupils and works hard to do this in a stimulating and engaging way online.


Associate Tutor


Marco has been teaching for 3 years and has experience of supporting pupils at all primary levels.  Having previously studied computing, he is passionate about helping every child realise their full potential.


Associate Tutor


Jody has been teaching for over 11 years and has experience of working with pupils at all levels and has specialised in Additional Support Needs for the over last 3 years. Jody enjoys working with pupils in small groups and knows the benefits this can have for helping pupils to succeed.

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Associate Tutor


Kim has been teaching for over 10 years and has experience of working with pupils at all levels. She is passionate about helping to build children's self-esteem and enjoys planning engaging lessons which encourage pupils to develop their skills and abilities in literacy and numeracy.


Associate Tutor


Laura is a N.Q.T. and has experience of tutoring online and teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).  She enjoys building pupils confidence with fun, engaging lessons in literacy and numeracy.


Associate Tutor


Vanessa has been teaching for over 8 years and has taught across all stages of the National Curriculum. She has a passion for learning and thrives on sharing that passion with the pupils she supports.  


Associate Tutor


Kerry is a NQT who has a passion for early years.  Before becoming a teacher she worked for 8 years as a nursery practitioner.  She understands the importance of a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy.  She enjoys helping pupils to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and understanding.


Associate Tutor


Rebecca has been teaching the British Curriculum for 8 years and has taught in British schools in England, Spain and Portugal.  Rebecca has experience of working with children of all abilities and backgrounds.  She is patient and encouraging, and strongly believes that by providing a fun and supportive learning environment, every child has the capacity to flourish.


Associate Tutor


Hannah has a background in modern languages and worked as a primary teacher for three years before her current role teaching adult literacy and numeracy. She cares about making learning relevant to real life and helping learners make connections between different areas of knowledge.  


Associate Tutor

Joanne H

Joanne is a newly qualified teacher with experience of working with upper and lower primary.  She was an early years practitioner for 8 years before becoming a teacher. She is passionate about learning and helping pupils to grow in confidence in literacy and numeracy.


Associate Tutor


Katy has been teaching for 15 years and has worked with pupils in P1-7.  She has a degree in music and education from Cambridge and enjoys incorporating music into other areas of the curriculum.  She believes in child-centred learning and using visual, audible and kinaesthetic teaching techniques to build confidence and make her sessions fun and engaging.


Associate Tutor


Ellen has been teaching for over 3 years in Scotland and China and has worked with pupils at all levels from P1-7.  She believes that learning should be fun and centred around the children,s needs. She loves working online and knows how beneficial it can be for supporting pupils and building their confidence.


Associate Tutor

Joanne M

Joanne has been teaching for over 8 years and has taught pupils at all stages and with varied needs. She has a passion for inspiring learning and enabling children to achieve their full potential. Joanne believes in a holistic approach and uses a variety of learning experiences to support each child’s individual needs.  Joanne is a Gaelic Medium Teacher and can support pupils in English or Gaelic.

If you are a fully qualified primary teacher and you are interested in joining our team, please get in touch by emailing 

We would love to hear from you. 

A Bit More About Us

We are fully qualified primary teacher with a broad range of experience in education.  My Primary Tutor is based in the Highlands of Scotland, offering tuition for pupils working at primary level in maths, reading, spelling and writing.  This support is delivered online in small groups and 1 to 1.   Our online sessions are interactive and create a supportive learning environment, from the comfort of your own home.  Online sessions are especially great for homeschooling support and for those living in more remote areas of the country.


At My Primary Tutor we begin with an initial assessment to help identify any gaps in learning.  Pupils attend weekly sessions which are planned around your child's needs.  Our experienced primary tutors design interactive, engaging lessons which help to improve your child's ability and increase their confidence. After each session, our primary tutors give comprehensive feedback,  with photos and links to online follow-up activities.  If you would like support for your child, please get in touch to find our more.

My Primary Tutor, Dukes View, Inverness, IV2 6BB, Highlands, Scotland