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How can art support my child's writing skills?

Children learn best when they have ownership of their learning. In our online sessions, pupils start by creating something of their own, through which they can develop their ideas with a meaningful purpose for writing. With creativity at the heart of the process, children's imaginations are fired as they create original  art works and use these as the stimulus for writing. By approaching writing this way, pupils often write more and produce work of a higher quality. 

Why online?

  My Primary Tutor love online learning and is one of the reasons all our sessions are online. There are so many benefits to learning online including being able to access our sessions without the need to travel and being able to see what and how your child is learning.  Our sessions are interactive and pupils can share their work and get feedback from their tutor straight away.

Why small groups?

At My Primary Tutor we know children learn best when working collaboratively with others.  Our interactive, group sessions allow your child to share ideas and help each other with the creative process.  This makes the task less daunting and more fun and enjoyable. 


my child doesn't like art but is a very reluctant writer...will these session help?

When we say we don't like a subject it can often be because we find it too hard or think we are no good at it.  Art is inclusive as its about individual creativity and expressing how you feel - there is no right way.  Our sessions are supportive and pupils are encouraged to try things out and let their imagination run free.  We do however run writing only sessions if you think your child would prefer this.


You will need some materials each week including paper, coloured pens and if you have access to a printer this could be helpful too but not essential.  

If you have those things and are keen to get started, just click the link below and get in touch.

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