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Online Learning

English Tuition with individuals at the heart

All our online tutoring lessons are planned to meet the experiences and outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence as well as the standards for the English National Curriculum. My Primary Tutor help children from across the U.K. and internationally to achieve their potential in spelling, reading and writing.

Our online English programme works.  Many pupils often move up a reading or spelling group or receive an award for their literacy work in school. By building pupils confidence and engagement, they achieve so much more. When they believe, they really can achieve! ​


As part of our online English tutoring programme we cover a number of key areas, which you can see more information about below.

Phonics & Spelling

Phonics are the building blocks to learning to read, spell and write.  Its important for children's literacy development that they have a secure foundation in phonics.  My Primary Tutor online phonics lessons support this development, helping children to see the links between phonics, spelling and reading.


Reading is about decoding, listening and understanding. My Primary Tutor help pupils to build these skills with online activities designed at their level.  Through online guided reading sessions, pupils work on their decoding skills as well as their oral and written comprehension

 to develop and show understanding of what they are reading.


Writing is an important form of communication.  Our online tutoring sessions look at grammar, sentence structure and ways to engage the reader.  Our online tutors teach how to plan and how to structure writing as a way to support writing development.  Using online tools children can create and develop their writing skills in an engaging and interactive way. 


My Primary Tutor plan a range of activities in our online tutoring lessons, to help build children's knowledge and confidence in spelling, reading and writing. Through paired and group activities, we encourage collaborative learning, as well as individual activities to develop independent learning.  The My Primary Tutor approach to learning helps children to become confident learners.

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