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Maths Class

Bespoke Online Maths Tuition

My Primary Tutor lessons are planned to meet the experiences and outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence as well as the English National Curriculum. Our online primary tutors help children from across the U.K. and internationally to achieve their potential in all areas of mathematics.

The My Primary Tutor numeracy programme works.  Many pupils often move up a maths group or receive an award for their numeracy work in school.  Our fully qualified, online tutors help them to realise that everyone can do maths. When they believe, they really can achieve! 

My Primary Tutor use a range of strategies and online tasks and activities to help build children's knowledge and confidence in numeracy.   Our experienced online tutors know how to engage and motivate your child with all our lessons having a collaborative and independent element of working.


Mental Strategies

Mental maths skills are the foundation upon which more complex maths can be built.  My Primary Tutor focus on developing pupils mental maths strategies by teaching them the most efficient ways to tackle each problem.  Speed can lead to anxiety in maths, so our online tutors focus on strategies and efficient methods, not quick recall.   With this approach, everyone can be good at maths.

Basic Facts

Pupils need to have a firm grasp of basics facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  In our online tutoring sessions, we work on these basic facts to ensure pupils are not only able to recall them, but that they understand how having knowledge of these facts can help them with maths problems.  My Primary Tutor understand that for many pupils, rote learning facts is not possible nor is it always beneficial.  Pupil need to see the connections between knowing the facts and applying them, something the My Primary Tutor maths programme aims to achieve.

Number Processes

When pupils see the connections in maths, maths suddenly makes more sense! My Primary Tutor teach processes together to help pupils see and make the connections and understand maths better.  For many children who find maths difficult it is often because the see each element of maths as separate from another.  When connections are made visible to children and they can see how learning one element helps you to learn another, maths becomes easier.

Confidence Building

My Primary Tutor are experienced with the teaching of mathematics and know that if a child suffers from maths anxiety (something which 80% of children experience) they will not achieve their best.  We use interactive online activities and games to  gently developing their confidence in number facts, helping children to practise the skills they are learning. Our experienced, online tutors use positive praise and positive points to help boost children's self esteem and build their confidence. 

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