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10 reasons why booking a tutor for your primary-age child might be the best decision you ever made.

Updated: Dec 18, 2021


In the not-so-distant past, people used to baulk at getting a tutor for their child. They felt that it meant that they were struggling, or not doing well enough at school. They felt that they, or their child, might be judged negatively for doing it.

Fortunately, these days we understand more about how children learn, and it is now more-or-less common knowledge that just an hour of 1:1 or group tuition can benefit any child, no matter what their ability.

Even so, it is a major decision to decide to invest in booking a tutor. It has emotional, fiscal, and temporal ramifications that need to be carefully considered. With this in mind, we wanted to share with you what we consider to be the top ten benefits (in no particular order) of joining us at My Primary Tutor.

#1 More confidence

Working in an environment where the adult is more able to suit their teaching to the child’s individual needs and being able to give them more attention means that your child will develop confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

#2 A pace of learning to suit your child

Of course, schools do their best to suit the pace of learning to the children, but the fact is that they have a curriculum to get through, and around thirty children to deliver it to, all of whom will pick it up at a different pace. In a 1:1 or small group setting, tutors can suit their pace to the children more easily, meaning they are able to go as slowly – or as quickly as is needed. This makes for faster progress and more engaged children!

#3 The chance to ask questions

Another difficulty in schools related to the amount of work that needs to be gone through and the number of children in a class is that the time for questions is limited. It may also be that your child might not feel confident enough to ask a question in from of 29 other children! In our small group sessions, we plan in time for questions and use positive re-enforcement to encourage children to ask them, which makes for deeper and more secure learning.

#4 Bespoke sessions

When catering for thirty children in a sitting, schools are limited in how much they can alter and differ their pitch. Because we work in small group sessions, our tutors can really get to know their children – meaning they can tailor sessions to fit in with their interests and make sure that the learning objectives are focussed on where the children need them.

#5 More focussed feedback

Of course, tightly focussed feedback, and plenty of it, is what is going to push children forwards and help them to progress. Smaller settings allow for more feedback. This means that just one hour of tuition per week can allow for more individual feedback and suggestions than a child will get in a day from their teacher!

#6 Study Skills

As tutors, we know how important it is to teach study skills, especially for children who have ambitions to sit entrance exams at 11. Learning how to study – and the way of studying which suits them as an individual will help primary school children into their teenage years and beyond.

#7 The chance for a challenge

All our sessions are tightly planned with the chance for children to complete more challenging work if they are ready for it. Because we know our children well and are able to judge the level of challenge very accurately, we never ask a child to try anything of which they are not capable, building their confidence and accelerating their progress.

#8 The chance to develop critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are highly sought after in the workplace. While the school’s curriculum is focused on knowledge (and of course this is very important!), we try to include critical thinking as part and parcel of our sessions – a skill which will have lifelong benefits for our children in their future careers.

#9 Healthy competition as well as teamwork

As we all know, some children thrive on competition – others prefer to work as a team, but they will have to learn to be able to do both as they move into adulthood. We try to make both fun and engaging, allowing children to practice both critical skills.

#10 Progress which is measurably faster

This final point is really an amalgamation of the other nine! Because our service is small-scale, focused, and bespoke, an hour a week with us will see your child’s progress accelerate, allowing them to get the most out of their time in school and hopefully opening up options for them in terms of their life choices and career!

If you would like to know more about how our sessions work and what we can offer, please contact Karen on
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