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5 Reasons Why Parents Choose Online Tuition

Online Tuition is becoming more and more popular. With more families having access to technology, it is now possible to get the support you and your child need, from the comfort of your own home. Here are just some of the reasons why parents are choosing online tuition.

1. It's convenient!

This is a pretty obvious advantage to online tuition. Many parents are time stretched and not having to travel for a tutoring session is a big plus. Parents can schedule sessions at a time that suits them. For those parents who don't have access to a tutor nearby, they can now seek the support they need for their child, all from the comfort of their own home. At My Primary Tutor we are excited about the possibilities that online tuition brings in supporting pupils all around the country. We love what we do and we want to share our knowledge and expertise with families far and wide.

2. It's more relaxed!

Many children who need support are already lacking in confidence. What better way to make them feel more relaxed, than supporting them in their own environment. Children use technology at school to support their learning so using familiar tools also helps to reduce anxiety and increase engagement. Children feel less anxious working in small groups as it helps them to see that others find things difficult too. At My Primary Tutor we pride ourselves on creating the right ethos with the small groups in which we work. Our warm, friendly approach helps to relax children and make them more ready and willing to learn.

3. It's less stressful!

Many parents are juggling working full time with raising a family. After a busy day at work parents have the added stress of trying to get children to complete their homework. This can be a trigger for all sorts of conflict. From children refusing to complete it to parents trying to show pupils they way they learned to do something and children arguing "that's not how we do it in school." Parents feel unable to support their child whether down to not knowing the latest teaching approaches or having little time outside of the working week. Online tutoring helps to make things less stressful as the tutor can support the child with these tasks. Parents can watch how things are being taught in the sessions and see how they can support them at home. My Primary Tutor aims to provide support videos for parents to show how best to support your child with some basics processes in literacy and numeracy. Look out for these in the future.

4. It's safe!

You wouldn't leave your child with a tutor without doing some checks first. It should be no different when choosing to use online tuition. With social media, its now easier to search for reviews and get feedback from other parents who have used a particular online tuition service. Tutors should have an up to date disclosure check and have a relevant teaching qualification in the subject in which they are tutoring. At My Primary Tutor we ensure all tutors are PVG checked and are registered with the GTCS. Parents and pupils can have an initial free 10 minute online meet up to get to know one another and ask any questions they may have. This helps to build the relationship between tutor and home and make everyone feel safe and relaxed.

5. It works!

Parents see results using online tuition. When you combine a safe, relaxed environment with familiar technology and fun, engaging activities, its not hard to see why children do well. Parents worry that online will mean that its not face to face, however online couldn't be more face to face. Children have no where to focus but on the tutor and the screen. There are very few children who don't enjoy using technology, be it a phone, tablet, i-pad or laptop. At My Primary Tutor we are committed to creating this online learning environment where children's confidence can grow. Our testimonials speak for themselves. Find these and more on our fb page.

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