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5 top tips to help your family to keep reading over the summer!

Last week our blog talked about how learning is lost over the summer holidays, and how to try to combat it. We've decided to do a blog each week in the run-up to the summer holidays, each one focusing on a different academic area, giving you ideas, tips and tricks to keep it in the mind's eye during the holidays, without taking the focus off fun and relaxation!

This week we're looking at reading.

Make reading a routine

It's easy to let daily reading slip over the holidays, and one way to make sure that doesn't happen is to build it into your daily routine. Try to add it in to a place in the day where there is already a routine in place - most likely first thing in the morning (straight after breakfast?) or evening (last thing before bed). Not only will it become easier to remember, but if it becomes a part of their daily routine you will get less resistance from your children - a win all round!

Take turns to read

Children of all ages love being read to, and older children in particular love the opportunity to have someone read to them! Why not take turns in your reading? Take a page each, or whatever arrangement works best for you. You'll both get a lot out of it - it's a super bonding activity.

Incentivise reading

There are lots of summer reading competitions, run by many different agencies. Some offer stickers, others have their own rewards. The Summer Reading Challenge is the best known of these.

Reading is everywhere!

Especially for younger children who are becoming more fluent in their reading, opening their eyes to how useful reading can be is very easy while you're out and about. Be sure to point out reading opportunities everywhere, from posters to shop signs, to road signs and have fun reading them together!

Make a den

Inside or out, having a quiet place to read, one that feels private and safe is a super thing. You can build a pillow fort and decorate it however you like! If it's an outside den, the kids can take their favourite toys out, and a snack, and read to them. They'll love it!

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