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Five fantastic educational toys for your 6 to 10 year olds!

Are you on wanting some last minute inspiration for education toys for your children? We have selected a range of gifts, all under £25, that will keep your kids and families entertained throughout the year.

We have tried to recommend educational toys that you will be able to get before Christmas, so inevitably Amazon has been linked to as they are not impacted by postal strikes. But don’t forget that you may pick up locally on marketplace or from a local store.

Outdoor Adventure Microscope, £9.99 Amazon

This is a great gift for the inquisitive mind, kids that like to be outside or those that are developing an interest in science. This high quality, handheld microscope allows you to see the world in close-up. Perfect for on-the-go exploration, field trips and outdoor adventures. The easy to use zoom gives 20x to 40x magnification with no focussing required. With built in LED illumination small objects can be viewed with brightness and precision.

Professor Puzzle Sherlock Holmes Code Break Game, £11.99 John Lewis

This is a fantastic gift for intergenerational play, challenging players to crack the code. You must deduce the correct order of four coloured pins hidden in the hooded section of a wooden box, but you only have twelve guesses to get it right. Great for developing problem solving and non-verbal reasoning skills.

LEGO Gear Bots (Klutz): Create 8 Machines £12.95 Amazon

You can’t go wrong with Lego, but when partnered with Klutz, the premium brand of book-based activity kits, a wonderful stem activity is created, enabling your kids to build eight kinetic machines. This is perfect for developing stem skills and learning about both engineering and robotics.

Articulate for Kids, £13 Amazon

Articulate for Kids is a fantastic, fast paced game that the whole family can enjoy. Putting your talking skills to the test you have to describe the word on the card, without actually saying it - it’s that simple! Or is it? It’s an excellent game for building up literacy and language skills in children and should be a must have on the Christmas list!

4 Player Shut the Box £23.95 Amazon

This is the perfect maths board game for families. Excellent for kids developing their key numeracy skills and mental arithmetic including adding and using number bonds. Not only is this another fun game for all the family, it’s sturdy construction makes it ideal to take away as a travel game.

Let us know what you think, have you got any of these toys or have you got any recommendations - leave a comment below.

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