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My Primary Tutor is a finalist!

When I started tutoring back in 2017 I thought it would be something I would do for a wee while to bolster my income. I saw tutoring as a way of continuing to teach whilst being at home for my young family. Never did I imagine that it would see me leaving classroom teaching and starting up my own business. Over the last 3 years, I have come to realise that tutoring is the best part of teaching. It's where you have the time and the freedom to do what you always want to do as a teacher - TEACH! So often in school, so many other things can get in the way but not when you are tutoring. Tutoring allows you to foster close relationships with pupils and parents and build trust in a supportive environment. Through these relationships, pupils begin to open up and share with you how they really feel about their learning. Watching their confidence grow as you work together is the greatest reward. This is why our ethos at My Primary Tutor is "Creating Confidence in Learning" as we recognise the difference when pupils believe in themselves and their abilities. In just 3 years My Primary Tutor has grown to be a business which has now been recognised by the Federation for Small Businesses (FSB). To be a Scottish finalist in the Sole Trader of the Year category is a great achievement. I truly feel like a winner already and I am so proud of the service My Primary Tutor provides. Win or lose, My Primary Tutor will continue to strive to develop confidence in learning for pupils across the Highlands and Scotland.

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