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Some Spooky Activity Ideas…

Halloween Is Here…

And it looks like it’s going to be a bit of a muted affair this year – Trick or Treating will look very different (if it happens at all) and there won’t be as any PTA discos happening. We thought we’d use the blog this week to share some other Halloween activity ideas that you can enjoy as a family – no social distancing necessary!

Find a Halloween Trail near you

There are loads of places at the moment who have begun to offer outdoor Halloween activities – most especially National Trust properties both here in Scotland and over the border in England. Why not have a look at their websites and see if there’s a trail to take part in near you?

Decorate a pumpkin

The old ideas are sometimes the best. If, like some of us, the very idea of the mess that comes with emptying a pumpkin and the danger that comes with trying to carve one (Dads, we’re looking at you!) then why not have a look on Pinterest for some no-carve ideas – we don’t guarantee they’ll be any less messy but you’ll definitely have fun!

Pumpkin rocks

Why not knock the pumpkin (and all the food waste that inevitably comes with it) on the head this year and paint some pumpkin rocks? They’ll look fab, and the kids will love finding special places to put them. You could even have a look online to see if there’s a rock painting group near you, and start hiding them around your local area!

Halloween bowling

We LOVE this idea – all the fun of painting the tin cans and then you get to knock them over afterwards! Be careful to sand off any sharp edges, of course.

Make a milk carton lantern

Amazing what you can do with a battery-operated tea-light, a sharpie and an old (clean) milk carton! We love how simple and resource-light this activity idea is.

What Halloween activity have you been up to this week? Don’t forget to send us any pictures – we’d love to see what you’ve been up to!

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