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What is Fairtrade, and why is it something our children need to know about?

Today marks the beginning of #fairtradefortnight, an annual celebration of all things Fairtrade. Of course, we all know what Fairtrade is, and many of us try to pick out foods during our weekly shop which support Fairtrade farmers, but why should our children learn about it?

Fairtrade this year is focusing on climate change

Nobody can deny that climate change is a major issue and one which is going to impact our children throughout their lives. The more we can educate them about taking care of our planet and making ethical choices based on what’s right for the planet as well as ourselves, the better!

The plain and simple fact is that farmers in the developing world who have done the least to contribute to climate change are being disproportionately affected by it. Because they are unable to access fair pay, they are unable to farm in ways that are sustainable, and so the vicious circle continues. We need to educate our children about the importance of Fairtrade – how it allows farmers to leverage the power of co-operatives to get a fair wage which, in turn, will allow them to maintain a minimum standard of living while farming sustainably.

Fairtrade is about small choices making a big difference!

It's important that our children understand that almost everything they buy has a story - it has come from somewhere and been made or grown by someone. They also need to learn that as buyers, they have the power to choose who they buy from! By making small choices around where and who they buy from, they can make a big difference in the wider world.

At My Primary Tutor we believe that understanding the impact of the choices they make can empower our children - it can teach them that even though they are very small (in a wider context), the choices they make can have a big difference - especially if they can persuade others to make the same kinds of choices!
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