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Why Small Group Tuition Can Be More Beneficial Than 1:1

When looking for support for their children, many parents tend to assume that a 1:1 approach is best.

However, parents may not realise that there are many other options available for tuition, some of which may be more beneficial for their children. One of them is small group tuition.

Small group tuition is exactly what it says, a small group of pupils working with a tutor. It provides a middle ground between classroom and 1:1. Small group tuition aims to pair students with similar needs, abilities and experiences so that they collectively receive the support they need.

One of the drawbacks of a classroom is that there are many children working across a variety of styles and abilities. Some pupils may prefer a hands-on learning style while others are better at visual learning. Some may be more gifted at certain aspects of a subject that others struggle with it. This is not the case with small group tuition. Tutors can place pupils with peers who are working at a similar ability level and require the same support.


Most children learn best working with others. Pupils may not be able to process a difficult mathematical question, for example, when it is written down in front of them. However by turning it into a challenge—a race against other students, for example, or partnering up with a buddy to solve the question together—they will understand it better. For pupils like this, one-to-one tuition may not be effective in the same way that learning in a small group is.

At My Primary Tutor we offer a free assessment to discover your child's needs and which group will suit them best. Children are more engaged working together and not only does their confidence thrive, but their ability increases too. As Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and graduate of Stanford University said "We learn best when we learn together."

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