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My Primary Tutor offer a range of programmes in maths, reading, spelling and writing to support your child to develop their knowledge and grow in confidence.

L i t e r a c y


Phonics are the building blocks to learning to read, spell and write.  Its important for children's literacy development that they have a secure foundation in phonics.  Our phonics lessons support this development.


Writing is an important form of communication.  We look at grammar, sentence structure and ways to engage the reader.  We teach careful planning and discussion, as a way to support writing development.


Spelling is an essential skill for life. Our spelling lessons focus on the key words, developing vocabulary and link in with all phases of phonics. 


We plan a range of activities in our lessons, to help build children's knowledge and confidence in literacy. Through paired and group activities we encourage collaborative learning, as well as individual activities to develop independent learning. 


Reading is about decoding, listening and understanding. We help pupils to build these skills with activities designed at their level.  The activities include paired reading and oral and written comprehensions games  and questions.


Our literacy programme works.  Many pupils often move up a reading or spelling group or receive an award for their literacy work in school. By building pupils confidence and engagement, they achieve so much more. When they believe, they really can achieve! 

N u m e r a c y

Mental Strategies

Mental maths skills are the foundation upon which more complex maths can be built.  We focus on developing pupils mental maths strategies by teaching them quick, efficient methods.

Rapid Recall

We work on increasing pupils speed with regular practise of mental strategies and basic facts.  We help support pupils transitioning between using concrete materials to doing things mentally and independent of support tools. 

Basic Facts

Pupils needs to have a firm grasp of basics facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We work on these maths skills continuously to ensure pupils are secure in these facts.


We use a range of activities to help build children's knowledge and confidence in numeracy.  These include games, quizzes, puzzles and worksheets or activity book questions.  All our lessons have collaborative and independent elements of working built in.

Number Processes

When pupils see the connections in maths, maths suddenly makes more sense! We teach processes together to help pupils make the connections and understand their maths better.


Our numeracy programme works.  Many pupils often move up a maths group or receive an award for their numeracy work in school.  We help them to realise that everyone can do maths. When they believe, they really can achieve! 


Literacy Tutoring








Number processes

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages



Problem Solving

Our Lessons are Scottish Curriculum Aligned

All our lessons are planned to meet the experiences and outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.  We are one of the few private tuition companies, whose lessons are specifically designed to align with the Scottish Curriculum..

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