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Sessions that meet national expectations

All My Primary Tutor's lessons are planned to meet the experiences and outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence as well as the new English National Curriculum.

We are experienced in providing support for children across a number of countries including the whole of the United Kingdom and further afield!

Online Teacher
Doing Homework


  • Numeracy

  • Number

  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

  • Time and Money

  • Problem Solving


  • Literacy 

  • Phonics

  • Reading


  • Spelling

  • Writing

Emotions First

  • 8 week programme

  • Developing self esteem and confidence building

  • Tools for dealing with emotions more positively


  • focus on developing confidence in listening and talking in Spanish.

  • Interactive sessions with games and online activities. 

  • A range of topics including numbers, colours, food, school and home.

Art and Creative Writing

  • focus on a drawing skill or artistic technique each week

  • Using completed pieces as a creative stimulus for writing and to develop talking, listening and writing skills.

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