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"Karen has done wonders for my child who just wouldn't sit and engage in homework. Only one solid half hour a week with Karen (that my child thoroughly enjoys!) has made the world of difference to her Maths and of course her confidence, knowing that not only can she do it, but she is one of the best in her class. Less than a year ago the school admitted there were "significant gaps". Don't hesitate as I did. Just do it now, because I wish I'd found her in P1 and acted on it! In my day, if a child had a tutor, the perception was they were bad at a subject, but I've sold it in to my child that it's for Maths superstars who want to get even better! Turns out she is a Maths Superstar now thanks to Karen!"

Dawn, Parent - Oct 2018

Playing with Matches

Ollie, 10

I like the sessions because it helps me with my maths and with my maths at school.

Autumn Girl

Sophie Maree, 12

I like coming to my sessions because we do the same things here as we do at school.  I like that because it makes me feel more confident with my school work.

A Natural Girl

Rebecca, 9

I like My Primary Tutor because its pushing me to move up a level in maths and spelling.

"When I first contacted Karen I was concerned my daughter had real issues with reading numbers and carrying out very basic sums. She HATED doing sums or numbers! It was the one subject at school she avoided. After finding Karen and getting a place she has been going for a little over 6 months. She goes for 30 minutes a week. The transformation is amazing. She came home today with an achievement award for maths. It’s not just her maths that has improved, it is her general self confidence. She loves going and has begun to enjoy doing maths. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough."

Kay, Parent- Feb 2019

My Primary Tutor are ready to work with you and your child. Get in touch and let us now how we can help. 

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